Welcome to Killer Pickles!

I’m Sarah and I like to play with my food. 🙂 On this blog you’ll find my favorite fermented food recipes, along with other Real Food recipes. Real Food means made from scratch with natural, whole ingredients, preferably organic and local when you can get it.

Many of us these days have lost touch with the simple ways of preserving foods that sustained our ancestors for so many centuries. I strive to lay out the fundamentals of fermentation and make the process as straightforward as possible so everyone can give it a try. Don’t be afraid of your pickles – eat them!

Because I love all creatures tiny or microscopic, I also have a section devoted to the native bees of North America. I love watching them work in my garden, and feel a great sense of obligation to them for the role they play in bringing food to all our tables.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I hope you like what you’ve seen!





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