Ben’s Best Fish Rub

Living in the Pacific NW with access to lots of fresh, local seafood can be wonderful. . . if you like fish. My husband loves fish, and I kind of loathe it. However, I still make an effort to eat it because it’s: wild caught, local, sustainable, healthy. So I’m delighted any time I find a way to prepare fish that makes it really delicious!

My brother, Ben, is an excellent cook. He’s also a master of the Big Green Egg, and his tailgate parties are legendary. He lives near Puget Sound and spends a lot of time crabbing, fishing for salmon, and spear fishing. He served me some grilled salmon with this rub recently and it was so good I went back for seconds! Try this on all kinds of seafood, and it would probably be good on chicken or pork as well.


Ben’s Best Fish Rub

2T sucanat or brown sugar
1T chili powder
1t salt
1t paprika
1t ground cumin
½t pepper
⅛t cayenne

Mix all ingredients together and sprinkle liberally on fish before grilling. Makes enough for two large fillets. Double or triple as needed.


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  1. Claudia says:

    Consequently yummy! That seems to be amazing!

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