Fermentation Cycles 2014.04

Here is April’s installment of my fermentation cycles. Every month of 2014 I’m going to document my fermentation projects for one week and share pictures and results. All these ferments will be made during my menses to disprove the antiquated notion that women emit noxious vapors which can ruin a ferment. (Read more on that here.)


Following up on March’s projects: the little jar of kombucha grew a big, fat baby for me to share with a friend.


My tibicos also went through a bit of a growth spurt, creating one I’ve dubbed “Frankengrain.”


Fermentation Cycle 2014.04

Here’s a look at my calendar for April. I had a lot of things going on. Most of it was my usual kefir and tibicos, but there were a few fun projects. A busy and productive week!


First up was a little sourdough experiment. I recently purchased a GrainMaker grain mill, and have been happily grinding every obscure grain I can get my hands on. I decided to feed some different flours to my sourdough to see if there was a preference. The einkorn and rye did a little better than the spelt and red wheat. One thing is certain: my sourdough loves freshly milled flour! 🙂


Next up I got to do something really exciting – I mailed cultures to a friend in Japan! This was my first time mailing live cultures so far. I sealed them up tight in FoodSaver bags to prevent leakage. I’m happy to report that they survived 9 days in the mail and an inspection by customs officers, and are now happily fermenting and growing to be shared all over Asia. 😀


My next project was rennet cheese. I made a kind of feta, using kefir as a culture. It set nicely, but the kefir flavor is a bit strong. I’m going to try buttermilk next time. Here’s a photo of the first cut of the curds.


I also made a batch of sourdough muffins. The recipe needs a little work, but they were very tasty and had a nice crumb!


I hope everyone can find a little inspiration in this post. Be sure to check in next month to see how things are coming along. Click the “+Follow” button at the bottom of the page to get a notification of each new blog post.

Happy Fermenting!
Sarah M.

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  1. Laura says:

    Too funny!
    The last 2 times I have made kraut or fermented veggies, it has happened to be during that special time. The radishes aren’t ready yet, but the kraut was best ever.

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